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Conclusion and Logbook

This is just the beginning. Teaching ESL with technology in a classroom or online, asynchronously, synchronously, or in a hybrid fashion is the new reality. There is no turning back.

According to your context, you should ask yourself:

What should I do?

  • Become aware of digital platforms and learn how to use them
  • Organize my online classrooms efficiently
  • Plan according to my pedagogical intentions to develop the three ESL competencies
  • Select the pedagogical tools I already use in class that I could use in an online setting
  • Prepare a work plan indicating synchronous and asynchronous activities
  • Transit from isolated activities to in-context LESs
  • Learn and grow from my mistakes
  • Ask for help when I can’t find the information online

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We are lucky to be working with the purest members of our society. They come to us with open minds and questions about the world around them. The world is at our fingertips, so let’s cherish the chance we have not just to be their guides but also to make the journey with them.

At any time, feel free to ask for support. You can reach RECIT’s educational advisor on this directory page.


Journal de bord

In order for you to keep track of your reflections throughout your online teaching experience, use the logbook below and feel free to adapt it.

Logbook – Adapter – Module 3b : English as a second language (.docx) Download Word document

Pour en savoir plus

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