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Plan engaging content for online teaching: successful teaching experiences

When thinking about content and student engagement, you should:

  • Make sure that the chosen content is in line with the expectations you shared with students.
  • Ensure that most students can do the work independently after your explanations. At the same time, it should be complex enough to maintain engagement.
  • Ensure that content is meaningful to the students, reflecting their interests and questions about the world.
  • Scaffold activities and break tasks into smaller bites.
  • Make sure your students will practise or apply the skill within a short time in a meaningful context.
  • Make sure students are active participants.
  • Combine audio instructions and visuals. Especially important in an ESL class.
  • Foster collaboration and group learning. It’s harder to quit on your friends than on the teacher.
  • Check for understanding frequently.
  • Include physical activity:
    • use active songs available online (GoNoodle)
    • play games in which they need to find objects (Find a red object)
    • play “Simon Says”

Let’s hear teachers talking about the way they plan engaging content for their students.

Rebeca Zenovia Piscanu, Cycle 1 ESL teacher, CS Marie-Victorin (2 min 7 s)

Mathieu Courtemanche, ESL teacher, CS de la Seigneurie-des-Mille-Îles (2 min 11 s)

Angelika Bacher, Intensive ESL teacher, CS Chemin-du-Roy and Pascale Pellerin, Intensive ESL teacher, CS de Montréal (5 min 38 s)

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