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Teaching the ESL Program online

In this section, you will see how the content of the ESL programs can be adapted to an online setting. We are providing examples for cycle 1, cycles 2 and 3, and intensive English in terms of content organization and ideas to develop competencies.

As is the case with the physical classroom, it is important to teach functional language, vocabulary and strategies to set your students up for success. However, the way we do so may differ when teaching online. For example, students should learn the functional language they need to participate in a videoconference and the language of platform use.

“Visual support is the only means students can rely on to help them decode new language without resorting to the use of French or other languages. Needs in this matter should be carefully assessed before introducing any new song, rhyme or story, so as to provide students with the necessary support.”

Programme de formation de l’école québécoise Download the PDF document, Cycle 1 Elementary, p. 6

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